Sarah Jessica Parker Collection – Review

Hey guys,

Last week I got an opportunity to do a little shopping and picked some gorgeous sandals for spring. I knew Sara Jessica Parker would be debuting her new collection at Nordstrom’s and planned to stop by and boy am I happy I did!  I walked in and seriously wanted one of everything!  Absolutely. Gorgeous. Each pair could easily be dressed up, dressed down, worn to work, they go with everything.

I love versatile clothing/shoes, pieces that are more classic than trendy.  I love being able to wear my purchases season after season and always feel like I’m wearing something new and fresh and that is what I believe this collection does.  Instant classics. In the attached video I share info about the lovely pair I acquired, take a peek ;-D

Spring Forward

1 elie saab look 23
2 elie saab look 3

3 elie saab look 16 pink 4 elie saab Elie Saab Look 4 5 elie saab look 30

Elie always delivers the goods!

Need style inspiration for Spring?  Then look no further and spring forward with the always-on-point Elie Saab. For me these gorgeous dresses are inspiring color, fabric, texture…la vida!  Let’s talk about the gold one I have shown first!  Jaw dropping.  Normally, I am not interested at all in gold clothing or shoes, but like I mentioned in my last post I have been all about it lately.  Could it be due to repeated exposure?  I don’t know, but I am not complaining,  sign me up!

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Living Room Design Inspiration

Livingroom Design Ideas Inspiration

WOO HOO! We’re moving to a new apartment, a brand new apartment!  I’m so excited and happy to be in a new space.  We have outgrown our current apartment of 4+ years, plus we I am fed up with our NOISY, DIRTY, BUMPING, VAMPIRE, neighbors.

The photo above is an actual shot of our new living room, with virtual furniture added by me via photoshop ;-D.  Until now, I wasn’t sure of what I thought our new space should look like so I felt designing  around the couch and accent wall would be great colors to start with.  This is a “rough sketch”, so I i will have to keep you guys posted on the final look.  Since a number of these items are not in our budget I plan to look for similar “steal” items with other retailers or on craigslist.   I am still tweaking my plan so some things might change, for example, I love the green Crate & Barrel side chairs, but I think I’d like them more with actual arm rests. Plus, I still have to make sure everything is hubby approved ;).

If you’d like more information on the items listed above you can find it here:

1. Chill Media Console, CB2, $449.00 

2. KARLSTAD Sofa bed, Lindö beige, IKEA, $899.00

3. 123 Creations Bird Orange 18 x 18 Needlepoint, $87.95

4. Cody Side Chair, Crate & Barrel, 399.00

5. Dash & Albert Indoor/Outdoor Diamond Denim White Rug, 298.00

6.  Two’s Company Sunburst Wall Mirror – 300.00

7. Bover – Tau Wood Floor Lamp – $1,408.00

8. Pine Cone Hill Windsor Ivory Throw, Gracious Style, 98.00

9. Artisan Coffee Table, 179.99

Christmas Gift Ideas for Her


Hello my sweets,

Here are some of my loves for this christmas season, I think any of them would make a great gift for Her.  By the way, I have been eyeing those Kate Spade heels for months, drools…looooove.

With that said, I don’t ever submit a Christmas list to my husband, so he doesn’t know about these “loves”.  When it comes to gifts, I prefer to be surprised and I am really low maintenance when it comes to those things, so I don’t mind if I don’t get anything.  I really am fortunate for many reasons, so Christmas is just a fun reason to get with family, eat, drink, and celebrate love.  That is the meaning of Christmas to me and what brings me the most joy.

I hope your Christmas is very merry and your New Year is extremely happy!



1. Tailored minidress in black dot – Madewell, 125.00

2. Collection Cashmere Tee – JCrew, 128.00

3. Round Stone Bling Necklace – C Wonder, 58.00

4. Corinne Heel – Kate Spade, 229.00

5. The Transport Tote – Madewell, 125.00

6. Uster Sherpa Robe – Anthropologie, 98.00

Sail NYC

Hey friends,

Here are a few photos from a very much needed sail I did with family and friends back in October.  I chartered our yacht with the cool people over at Atlantic Yachting here in NY.

We had just gotten days and days of rain then, the very next day in time for a perfectly beautiful sail, the sky opened up.  Our trip was so relaxing and we had so much fun.  We munched on homemade, delicious chocolate chip banana bread (thanks Nita!), Grand Mimosas, fruit salad, smoked gouda, and a number of other yummy bites.  And to top it all off my husband provided us with some great tunes that added to our already sexy, mellow, relaxing mood.

It is too easy to get caught up in the all-work, high energy, and extremely fast pace of this city.  So I try to remind myself often to take time out, no matter whom or what, to smell the roses or the Hudson for this recent occasion;-D