DIY Summer Treat

Healthy Popsicle                                                                 (Photo: LaRie Taylor)

Hey guys!

The other day I made some yummy popsicles using frozen strawberries, yogurt and frozen blueberries.  The turnout was delicious.  I was inspired by a recipe I found in InSyle Magazine and I’m happy I gave them a try. The recipe is really straight forward even though it calls for “layering”.  The first few layers I took my time and let each semi-freeze, but as I got toward the end I quickly poured in what was left of the strawberry and yogurt .  They didn’t come out as neat as the mag images, but I’m sure they were just as delicious! Ha.

If you want to try them the recipe is HERE.062215-july-fourth-lead-5_0                                                                 (Photo: Johnny Miller)

I am starting my workout on Monday, for real, this time…

I have been trying to motivate myself to workout consistently for so long that I am too ashamed to specify. Well, as of Sunday I seriously got tired of putting it off and hearing the tape recorder in my mind being stuck on “repeat”.  I finally took the first step toward consistenly working out. For the first day I kept it simple, 3 mile walk (1hr), modified push-ups and sit-ups. The following day was pretty much the same. Today, I plan to go downstairs to my gym (baby is knocked out in his swing as I write this in my iPhone, YAY!) to workout. I have had baby in tow these few days so walking has been easier because if he hasn’t napped well then he is not interested in sitting and chillin’ while mommy works out. By the way, I am so happy that he’s now able to situp unassisted, he seems to be able to better entertain himself. For today’s workout I plan to let him sit on his blanket and play with his toys. 

My gym goals today: 1/2 hour of weight lifting (arms/legs), with limited rest periods using light weight and more reps.

Gratefully, I don’t need to loose any weight (a big thanks goes to breastfeeding!!), so I want to tone-up and see more definition in my arms, legs, and my buns need work too. 

I will keep y’all posted. 

**Side-note** Pray for me cause baby still hasn’t started sleeping thru the night which often makes me extremely tired and sluggish throughout the day. I figure I’m gonna be tired whether I workout or not so I may as well try to get fit. Though, I must say, I definetly feel more exhausted at the end of the day with these added workouts. 

Sarah Jessica Parker Collection – Review

Hey guys,

Last week I got an opportunity to do a little shopping and picked some gorgeous sandals for spring. I knew Sara Jessica Parker would be debuting her new collection at Nordstrom’s and planned to stop by and boy am I happy I did!  I walked in and seriously wanted one of everything!  Absolutely. Gorgeous. Each pair could easily be dressed up, dressed down, worn to work, they go with everything.

I love versatile clothing/shoes, pieces that are more classic than trendy.  I love being able to wear my purchases season after season and always feel like I’m wearing something new and fresh and that is what I believe this collection does.  Instant classics. In the attached video I share info about the lovely pair I acquired, take a peek ;-D

Spring Forward

1 elie saab look 23
2 elie saab look 3

3 elie saab look 16 pink 4 elie saab Elie Saab Look 4 5 elie saab look 30

Elie always delivers the goods!

Need style inspiration for Spring?  Then look no further and spring forward with the always-on-point Elie Saab. For me these gorgeous dresses are inspiring color, fabric, texture…la vida!  Let’s talk about the gold one I have shown first!  Jaw dropping.  Normally, I am not interested at all in gold clothing or shoes, but like I mentioned in my last post I have been all about it lately.  Could it be due to repeated exposure?  I don’t know, but I am not complaining,  sign me up!

Photo Source:

Purple Smokey Eye – Easy

purple smokey african American black girl woman

So excited to share!  I finally got around to learning how to do a smokey eye. I have been so inspired and obsessing over purple smokey eyes and had to make it my mission to learn how to do it for myself.  If you would like to see a step-by-step video demonstration you can find it here:

Eye Shadows Used:

MAC – Brown Script – All over my lid and just above my brow bone.

MAC – Folie -Brow bone and crease.

MAC – Embark – Crease.

MAC – Vibrant Grape- Lid.

MAC – Carbon – Outer 1/3 of my lid.

MAC – Era – To high light my eyebrow.

Currently Inspired By…


(Click photo to enlarge)

1.  I’m loving my bed tray from Crate and Barrel.  It was one of the last ones available when my husband and found it, we had to have it shipped from one of their Chicago stores, it’s sturdy and the perfect size (photo taken by me).

2. I’ve been teaching myself how to do a purple smokey eye, jury is still out, but I will keep y’all posted, heh!  She does a fantastic job and makes it look so easy (click link for photo source).

3. I had been eyeing this decanter from Anthropologie for a long hot minute and finally decided to get it last week.  I love it.  I plan to use it when I want to make serving orange juice or wine even more fun(click link for photo source).

4. I have been dying to get to France and she does a SUPERB job of capturing photos of food and places that are so inspiring.  I spied these images some time ago and have still been dreaming/somewhat researching where I would like to go.  For my trip I envision a beautiful hill town, famers markets, friendly people, green meadows, pretty flowers, rolling hills, fresh bread…ahhhh(click link for photo source).