On My Radar


1. Fiddle Fig Everything.

Earlier this past summer I scored a super cute, faux,  fiddle fig leaf plant from Home Goods and have been wanting to find a photo or painting to pair with it ever since. While searching for inspiration I came across these gorgeous pillows on Etsy.  The fiddle fig leaf plant was very popular this summer but I’m still loving it.  I was enamored before summer hit and tried finding a plant during winter, but couldn’t find it anywhere. I’m so happy I found it and love how the green adds a splash of color to my home and I’m sure it will be uplifting during fall/winter months to come.

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2. Rhassoul Clay

Rhassoul Clay has been on my mind for a very long time and I think it’s time for me to take action and give it a try.  I usually do my clay washes with Aztec clay, but research is telling that rhassoul clay is supposed to be amazing as well, if not better. If you want to see how I make my Hair Wash/No Shampoo wash see my video here.

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3. Paper Trimmer

I’m so excited to have finally purchased this paper trimmer! It’s the small things, LOL! I finished decorating my office but left hanging my photos on my To Do list for longer than I care to admit.

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4. Lemons

For the last few days I have been using lemon as an all natural deodorant.  FYI, it doesn’t prevent sweating, but it does stop odor by killing the bacteria that causes it. I’m also curious to see if it will lighten my underarms.  I had an allergic reaction to a new deodorant I decided to try this past summer and want to try the natural route for lightening.  I will keep you guys posted on my results.

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5. Running Shoes

I have been motivating myself to get back on the-good-foot to eating well and exercising.  I have never been much of a runner, but I know how slimming it is and would like to do some slimming and trimming after my recent pregnancy.  I would like to take these Nikes for a spin, again, if I decide to get them I will keep you all posted.

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Currently Inspired By…


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1.  I’m loving my bed tray from Crate and Barrel.  It was one of the last ones available when my husband and found it, we had to have it shipped from one of their Chicago stores, it’s sturdy and the perfect size (photo taken by me).

2. I’ve been teaching myself how to do a purple smokey eye, jury is still out, but I will keep y’all posted, heh!  She does a fantastic job and makes it look so easy (click link for photo source).

3. I had been eyeing this decanter from Anthropologie for a long hot minute and finally decided to get it last week.  I love it.  I plan to use it when I want to make serving orange juice or wine even more fun(click link for photo source).

4. I have been dying to get to France and she does a SUPERB job of capturing photos of food and places that are so inspiring.  I spied these images some time ago and have still been dreaming/somewhat researching where I would like to go.  For my trip I envision a beautiful hill town, famers markets, friendly people, green meadows, pretty flowers, rolling hills, fresh bread…ahhhh(click link for photo source).

Living Room Design Inspiration

Livingroom Design Ideas Inspiration

WOO HOO! We’re moving to a new apartment, a brand new apartment!  I’m so excited and happy to be in a new space.  We have outgrown our current apartment of 4+ years, plus we I am fed up with our NOISY, DIRTY, BUMPING, VAMPIRE, neighbors.

The photo above is an actual shot of our new living room, with virtual furniture added by me via photoshop ;-D.  Until now, I wasn’t sure of what I thought our new space should look like so I felt designing  around the couch and accent wall would be great colors to start with.  This is a “rough sketch”, so I i will have to keep you guys posted on the final look.  Since a number of these items are not in our budget I plan to look for similar “steal” items with other retailers or on craigslist.   I am still tweaking my plan so some things might change, for example, I love the green Crate & Barrel side chairs, but I think I’d like them more with actual arm rests. Plus, I still have to make sure everything is hubby approved ;).

If you’d like more information on the items listed above you can find it here:

1. Chill Media Console, CB2, $449.00 

2. KARLSTAD Sofa bed, Lindö beige, IKEA, $899.00

3. 123 Creations Bird Orange 18 x 18 Needlepoint, $87.95

4. Cody Side Chair, Crate & Barrel, 399.00

5. Dash & Albert Indoor/Outdoor Diamond Denim White Rug, 298.00

6.  Two’s Company Sunburst Wall Mirror – 300.00

7. Bover – Tau Wood Floor Lamp – $1,408.00

8. Pine Cone Hill Windsor Ivory Throw, Gracious Style, 98.00

9. Artisan Coffee Table, 179.99

Dream Bathroom

Source: Ali Schwarz

Hey guys!

After a successful stomach surgery I am back to continue to share things that inspire me most. Thank you for your support!

How pretty is this washroom?! I am in love, it’s perfect. Bathed in light, spacious, well designed and feminine.

I could see myself spending hours in here getting ready and just plain hanging out. Yep, I’d wanna hang out in this bathroom.

Decoration Inspiration

Source Images: Elle Decor

I found so much inspiration flipping through my recent issue of Elle Decor and thought I should share some of my favorites.  I will be making some decor updates very soon and any of these would add some everyday-pretty.

1. Vivid beauties by Anna Weatherley   2. Calvin Klein’s American freshness   3. Home grown soft throws by Alicia Adams Alpaca