On My Radar


1. Fiddle Fig Everything.

Earlier this past summer I scored a super cute, faux,  fiddle fig leaf plant from Home Goods and have been wanting to find a photo or painting to pair with it ever since. While searching for inspiration I came across these gorgeous pillows on Etsy.  The fiddle fig leaf plant was very popular this summer but I’m still loving it.  I was enamored before summer hit and tried finding a plant during winter, but couldn’t find it anywhere. I’m so happy I found it and love how the green adds a splash of color to my home and I’m sure it will be uplifting during fall/winter months to come.

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2. Rhassoul Clay

Rhassoul Clay has been on my mind for a very long time and I think it’s time for me to take action and give it a try.  I usually do my clay washes with Aztec clay, but research is telling that rhassoul clay is supposed to be amazing as well, if not better. If you want to see how I make my Hair Wash/No Shampoo wash see my video here.

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3. Paper Trimmer

I’m so excited to have finally purchased this paper trimmer! It’s the small things, LOL! I finished decorating my office but left hanging my photos on my To Do list for longer than I care to admit.

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4. Lemons

For the last few days I have been using lemon as an all natural deodorant.  FYI, it doesn’t prevent sweating, but it does stop odor by killing the bacteria that causes it. I’m also curious to see if it will lighten my underarms.  I had an allergic reaction to a new deodorant I decided to try this past summer and want to try the natural route for lightening.  I will keep you guys posted on my results.

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5. Running Shoes

I have been motivating myself to get back on the-good-foot to eating well and exercising.  I have never been much of a runner, but I know how slimming it is and would like to do some slimming and trimming after my recent pregnancy.  I would like to take these Nikes for a spin, again, if I decide to get them I will keep you all posted.

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I am starting my workout on Monday, for real, this time…

I have been trying to motivate myself to workout consistently for so long that I am too ashamed to specify. Well, as of Sunday I seriously got tired of putting it off and hearing the tape recorder in my mind being stuck on “repeat”.  I finally took the first step toward consistenly working out. For the first day I kept it simple, 3 mile walk (1hr), modified push-ups and sit-ups. The following day was pretty much the same. Today, I plan to go downstairs to my gym (baby is knocked out in his swing as I write this in my iPhone, YAY!) to workout. I have had baby in tow these few days so walking has been easier because if he hasn’t napped well then he is not interested in sitting and chillin’ while mommy works out. By the way, I am so happy that he’s now able to situp unassisted, he seems to be able to better entertain himself. For today’s workout I plan to let him sit on his blanket and play with his toys. 

My gym goals today: 1/2 hour of weight lifting (arms/legs), with limited rest periods using light weight and more reps.

Gratefully, I don’t need to loose any weight (a big thanks goes to breastfeeding!!), so I want to tone-up and see more definition in my arms, legs, and my buns need work too. 

I will keep y’all posted. 

**Side-note** Pray for me cause baby still hasn’t started sleeping thru the night which often makes me extremely tired and sluggish throughout the day. I figure I’m gonna be tired whether I workout or not so I may as well try to get fit. Though, I must say, I definetly feel more exhausted at the end of the day with these added workouts. 

How I Prevent Winter Itch

Prevent Winter Itch

My skin used to be incredibly itchy during winter months, but after some trial-and-error I have found relief by doing the following:

Limit my shower time to 3-5 minutes and I moisturize as soon as I step out and I NEVER skip.  I also avoid taking showers that are steaming hot, it robs your skin of moisture.  And I blot my skin dry with my towel, I don’t rub (though it feels soooooo good whew!).

I avoid commercial lotions, even the ones that are supposed to help dry, itchy skin, cause they don’t work for me.  I moisturize with either coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter,  or castor oil (rarely, I use it if my skin is feeling extra parched).  And if I want to change things up a bit I take a few drops of my favorite essential oil and mix it with all 4 to make a nice, creamy lotion of my own.

For cleansing my skin I use Dove Sensitive soap. In fact Dove soap is one of the very few soaps that are actually ph balance for our sensitive skin.  I have tried an obscene amount of soaps that are supposed to be moisturizing, non-drying and they never worked for me and they often made me itch more!

So that is what I do to stay moisturized and baby’s butt soft!  Do you have any tips you’d like to add to this mix? I would love to hear about anything that helped you stay moisturized and itch free!

Soy Pretty!

I read about this non-toxic, soy nail polish remover a few months ago and thought it sounded super cool and wanted to try it asap.  I was really curious to know if it was as good as it sounded in the article I was reading. Well, let me tell you, It rocks!  I was walking around Williamsburg last weekend and stumbled upon an interesting looking store named Skinnny Skinny.   They sale all sorts of all natural, eco friendly goods and after a little exploration, I ran into a Tester bottle of this awesome remover.  They also carry the non-toxic nail polish by the same company and had a number of gorgeous colors.  Anyway, back to the review, the nail polish remover was great!  It removed my neon orange nail polish if a jiffy, it didn’t stink to high-heaving like your typical nail polish remover, and it contains a lot of all natural essential oils.  The scent is light and non-purfumey.  Two thumbs way up!  I love it.

You can find sales locations here.

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