What is the difference between yams and sweet potatoes?



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It was fun to learn that a sweet potato is what you’d commonly find at your local grocery market. And chances are you will find it in the colors orange, purple and white.  However, yams usually have to be found at a specialty store and are white.  I discovered the answer to said question some years ago when I decided to bake my very first sweet potato pie.  It’s funny, until my first sweet potato pie experience, I never questioned the difference.  I stumbled across this cool video that breaks down the difference in fun and succinct way…check it out here.

Now I’m on the hunt to try my first, real yam.

Happy Holidays!


Juice, Juice, Juice!

green juice

So I’ve decided to dust off my juicer and I’m so excited, infact, I am considering juicing at least four times a week.  It feels great knowing I’m putting something so healthy in my body since my diet had taken a pretty big nose dive after I had baby. I was craving sugar more often which was probably due to my eating it more regularly. However, I’m proud to say I’ve been slowly transitioning away from it. I started by allowing myself less and less with my coffee.

For the juice pictured above I used “misc” veggies that were nearing expiration.

Pear, carrots, ginger, romaine, spinach, and kale ( which made 14 ounces).

My Omgea 8005 Juice Extractor is great, the pulp comes out pretty dry and is easy to clean. I’m curious to know how much time it takes from veg/fruit prep to actual juice…gonna have to time myself and report back.


Colorful veggies

Omega Juicer

Dry pulp

Argentina Pt. 2 – Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires vegetarian travel food fun

Soooo… we stumbled up a vegetarian restaurant the other night while walking around the neighborhood!  As you can see it is very pretty and green.  I’m so in love with their small, ivy covered courtyard!  It was so breezy and bright.


The basket of bread and hummus were our complimentary appetizers.  The girl on the right is whipping up more of those tasty crackers shown on the left ;-D  She was such a sweetie! She kept answering us in english because she wanted practice and at times I tried answering is spanish because I need to practice my español.  At one point I asked if she was, “making crackers” and I saw her mouth the word cracker ;-D  Here, they call them galletas.3My honey and I.


The coffee was very good and my meal was average, not delicious, but I wasn’t complainin’ since I was so happy that it was vegetarian and it included a “salad”.  You’d be surprised to know how tough it is to find a salad that looks similar to this for  less than $10!!  5My honey taking a break, as you can see, it has been HOT, HOT, HOT!

By the way, we’re doing a palace tour and a 4 hour bike tour tomorrow!  Wish me luck, I don’t the last time I sat on a bike for so long.  Stay tuned, more photos coming soon!


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Washington, DC

My sister and I had a great time hanging with our cousin on a trip to DC this past weekend. Since most of our family is back in Michigan we rarely get to fly home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we usually spend it together.  She has great views of the city from her rooftop and the weather was beautiful!  We spent some time at the local watering holes, danced, ate yummy food (El Chucho was my favorite), and went for a fun late-night bike ride.

By the way, did you peep my cute little necklace?  I talked about here (christmas came early for me this year), yay!


I was shopping at my local organic market when I ran across this bottled water.  I’m not big on drinking bottle water because, to me, it’s all the same. Glorified tap water?  And really bad for the planet.

Despite what I feel, the pretty  packaging for this bottled water is what caught my eye and made me curious enough to read the label. Turns out, the bottle and all its parts are made from recycled materials, vegetable inks, and is biodegradable (it will break down in 5 years if it isn’t recycled). Super dope!  How cool would it be if all of our packaged products came in biodegradable packaging?

Next time I unable to get tap water I won’t feel bad if I reach for this one to quench my thirst.