How I Prevent Winter Itch

Prevent Winter Itch

My skin used to be incredibly itchy during winter months, but after some trial-and-error I have found relief by doing the following:

Limit my shower time to 3-5 minutes and I moisturize as soon as I step out and I NEVER skip.  I also avoid taking showers that are steaming hot, it robs your skin of moisture.  And I blot my skin dry with my towel, I don’t rub (though it feels soooooo good whew!).

I avoid commercial lotions, even the ones that are supposed to help dry, itchy skin, cause they don’t work for me.  I moisturize with either coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter,  or castor oil (rarely, I use it if my skin is feeling extra parched).  And if I want to change things up a bit I take a few drops of my favorite essential oil and mix it with all 4 to make a nice, creamy lotion of my own.

For cleansing my skin I use Dove Sensitive soap. In fact Dove soap is one of the very few soaps that are actually ph balance for our sensitive skin.  I have tried an obscene amount of soaps that are supposed to be moisturizing, non-drying and they never worked for me and they often made me itch more!

So that is what I do to stay moisturized and baby’s butt soft!  Do you have any tips you’d like to add to this mix? I would love to hear about anything that helped you stay moisturized and itch free!


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