Argentina Pt. 1 – Buenos Aires

We’re in Argentina!

OOTD - Long Flight Edition

Though very “comfortable” in my flight OOTD I would like to be a better flyer.  If you have tips I am all ears!!   I get extremely nervous, my stomach goes into knots, and turbulence rocks me to the core.  I envy people that can get on a flight and fall asleep like they’re at home in bed (speaking of bed, peep my bed-head? Note the time in the foll0wing photo ;-D).  By the way, decided to get those frames I mentioned here!


I played an, what felt like, endless amount of solitaire, I am so happy my battery lasts 3x longer on airplane mode.  Based on the time, apparently, I am not winning :-/


Finally and gratefully! We arrived safe and sound.  By the way, there is a 160.00 (1 time) tax entrance fee, per person, for non-citizens! That ish cray!

Anyway, we have a small cute room with a small terrace.  Though our hotel has charm it’s not really a place I’d recommend to anyone else, so I won’t be sharing its name.  The staff is great, but there is a lot to be desired.  However, if  you are still curious to know more about unsaid hotel inbox me and I can send you more info ;-D


We’re going to be here for 1 month! I had to bring more than enough shoes to get me through.  Normally I don’t pack as many shoes, but I under packed for my last trip and wanted to kick myself for not bringing more options.  The subway ride was cheap (50¢ YAY!) and convenient.  But! Be warned, no Air Conditioning! Whew!  I don’t know that last time I was so grateful for such a warm breeze on such a hot day (85F).


Catadral Metropolitana, Buenos Aires


I tend to shot  a ton of photos when I travel, so I am happy to be sharing these posts with you.  I tend to hit the pavement running when I get home from vacationing, so I don’t have much time to work on personal photos.


Us getting ready to cross the street and head for the subway.  I thought the light was beautiful so I asked my husband to snap a pic.



Museo Histórico Nacional del Cabildo y la Revolución de Mayo

This is such a striking church I had to get  a photo of it.

*** These photos are copyrighted as I am a professional photographer.  Please feel free to use them for non commercial purposes and please include me for source information.  Thanks.


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