Christmas Gift Ideas for Her


Hello my sweets,

Here are some of my loves for this christmas season, I think any of them would make a great gift for Her.  By the way, I have been eyeing those Kate Spade heels for months, drools…looooove.

With that said, I don’t ever submit a Christmas list to my husband, so he doesn’t know about these “loves”.  When it comes to gifts, I prefer to be surprised and I am really low maintenance when it comes to those things, so I don’t mind if I don’t get anything.  I really am fortunate for many reasons, so Christmas is just a fun reason to get with family, eat, drink, and celebrate love.  That is the meaning of Christmas to me and what brings me the most joy.

I hope your Christmas is very merry and your New Year is extremely happy!



1. Tailored minidress in black dot – Madewell, 125.00

2. Collection Cashmere Tee – JCrew, 128.00

3. Round Stone Bling Necklace – C Wonder, 58.00

4. Corinne Heel – Kate Spade, 229.00

5. The Transport Tote – Madewell, 125.00

6. Uster Sherpa Robe – Anthropologie, 98.00


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