Washington, DC

My sister and I had a great time hanging with our cousin on a trip to DC this past weekend. Since most of our family is back in Michigan we rarely get to fly home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we usually spend it together.  She has great views of the city from her rooftop and the weather was beautiful!  We spent some time at the local watering holes, danced, ate yummy food (El Chucho was my favorite), and went for a fun late-night bike ride.

By the way, did you peep my cute little necklace?  I talked about here (christmas came early for me this year), yay!

Sail NYC

Hey friends,

Here are a few photos from a very much needed sail I did with family and friends back in October.  I chartered our yacht with the cool people over at Atlantic Yachting here in NY.

We had just gotten days and days of rain then, the very next day in time for a perfectly beautiful sail, the sky opened up.  Our trip was so relaxing and we had so much fun.  We munched on homemade, delicious chocolate chip banana bread (thanks Nita!), Grand Mimosas, fruit salad, smoked gouda, and a number of other yummy bites.  And to top it all off my husband provided us with some great tunes that added to our already sexy, mellow, relaxing mood.

It is too easy to get caught up in the all-work, high energy, and extremely fast pace of this city.  So I try to remind myself often to take time out, no matter whom or what, to smell the roses or the Hudson for this recent occasion;-D

We’re headed to Argentina!

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Hello friends!

Sorry for being a little M.I.A, I wasn’t up to posting and I try not to force it if i’m not feeling it.  My goal is to only share with everyone when I am exploding with inspiration or extremely excited about what I am featuring.  Which brings me to today’s happy post!

For the month of January my husband and I will be traveling around South America, starting in Argentina.  At first we were planning to spend the entire month in or near Bueno Aires, but after talking to a few of our friends they are convinced we will be bored out of our minds if we don’t break up our stay with visits to neighboring countries.  My husband and I are pretty laid back so, I don’t know, we haven’t decided yet if we’re going to commit to “bouncing around” or stay put.

What do you think?  Have you ever been to Argentina?  If so, I would love to see photos and hear stories!

Do you live in Argentina?  What are your reccommendations for absolute-must-sees/dos?

Either way, I will keep you guys posted with our adventures, I am so excited!