Hello my loves,

I snapped this photo on a trip to Italy and asked about it’s translation, but don’t think it was quite answered.  I asked my friend, but I  think he had a hard time trying to translate in his limited english, so I did some research and here’s what I came up with:

L’amore cava Dalla carne le bestie e le lascia libere sotto un temporale = Beasts meet from love pursued, and is set free in a storm?

Anyone?  Anyone?  I’d love to know a correct/better translation.

What do you think. Parli Italiano?

Dream Bathroom

Source: Ali Schwarz

Hey guys!

After a successful stomach surgery I am back to continue to share things that inspire me most. Thank you for your support!

How pretty is this washroom?! I am in love, it’s perfect. Bathed in light, spacious, well designed and feminine.

I could see myself spending hours in here getting ready and just plain hanging out. Yep, I’d wanna hang out in this bathroom.