The first time I decided to take a whiff of this lovely fragrance it knocked me off my feet ( in a great way)! I hadn’t purchased perfume in almost 10 years, but I couldn’t get over this one, I had to have it.  It smells feminine, soft, pretty, mature, and elegant.  I love that it isn’t a punch the nose like some other fragrances can be and doesn’t make me sneeze my eyeballs out.  It also doesn’t hurt that it contains some of my absolute favorite floral scents: Ivory Gardenia, Jasmine, and Grapefruit leaves.

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Vintage Necklace



I was shopping for vintage wedding rings with a friend and ran across this outrageously, sickening, gorgeous vintage necklace.  The jeweler told me that it is from the 1940’s and that an Amathyst and Onyx combination was unusual for that time, which made me love it even more of course. Someone had really good taste that was clearly ahead of their time;-D  Sigh…