Soy Pretty!

I read about this non-toxic, soy nail polish remover a few months ago and thought it sounded super cool and wanted to try it asap.  I was really curious to know if it was as good as it sounded in the article I was reading. Well, let me tell you, It rocks!  I was walking around Williamsburg last weekend and stumbled upon an interesting looking store named Skinnny Skinny.   They sale all sorts of all natural, eco friendly goods and after a little exploration, I ran into a Tester bottle of this awesome remover.  They also carry the non-toxic nail polish by the same company and had a number of gorgeous colors.  Anyway, back to the review, the nail polish remover was great!  It removed my neon orange nail polish if a jiffy, it didn’t stink to high-heaving like your typical nail polish remover, and it contains a lot of all natural essential oils.  The scent is light and non-purfumey.  Two thumbs way up!  I love it.

You can find sales locations here.

Image Source: Here


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