House Beautiful

I love so  many things about these rooms. Let’s start with the first photo, OMG, that couch!  It’s so pretty, unusual, and comfy looking.  The gorgeous, rustic, wooden coffee table is a show stopper and the wood burning fireplace is definitely the cherry on top.  As for the second photo, it looks like the best of both worlds, that sexy fireplace easily makes this an all-weather-conditions room/porch.  Can you image how much fun it would be to chill out there in a rain storm, with wine and plenty of wood?  Winning.


I found these lovely rooms on the blog of a talented interior designer I stumbled upon at random.  You can find her blog here.


One thought on “House Beautiful

  1. I am also in love with the wooden coffee table on top. I’m making a wood coffee table next week. I have not decided on the stain or the legs, but I know its going to be low to the ground like this one.

    I love low coffee tables b/c they make you wanna take off your shoes, get comfy, and sit on the floor. I was thinking of doing a wood stain that mimics the colors of our hardwood floors (orangy-brown, with black in the wood grooves), but I’m also in love with driftwood and have considered covering the table with driftwood paint. Both very different. Can’t decide.

    Originally, I planned to have hairpin legs, but many of the pieces in the den are already mid-century modern, and i need some contrasting pieces.

    Too many decisions! I’ve been on decision-overload since moving. haha

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