I am loving these looks by Maje!  OH, MY!

1.  That blazer is to die for!  The cropped sleeves just sets it off, not to mention its sleek, tailored design.  I’m a petite chica and can easily get swallowed up in fabric, so I love the simplicity of this jacket.  I’m also digging the studded collar, it different and gives this whole outfit a perfect touch of edginess without trying too hard.

By the way, my thighs aren’t ready for that beautiful skirt, but it is stupid gorgeous;-P

2.  Killin ’em!  There was a time when I used to hate wearing skirts, shorts or anything that would show off what thought were “stick” legs.  Now I’m realizing that having skinny legs isn’t so bad after all.  I have come to love and embrace them and I want these pants to adorn them with.

*Killin ’em = Flatline. Lord have mercy, this outfit is crazy, bananas, hot.  I love it.


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