Outfit Of The Day – OOTD

I’ve been wanting to get my white denim in the mix of this season’s wardrobe.   I was so inspired by the white pants in this J Crew photo that I decided to dust mine off from summer.  And it’s no cliche that most New Yorkers wear tons of black, so it was hilarious to get so many funny looks at my white denim, HAHA!  I also had to have that denim button-up, merry early Christmas to me!

Sweater – J Crew

Denim Shirt – J Crew

Scarf – F21

Denim Jacket – Vintage, Polo Ralph Lauren

White Denim – PacSun

Boots – Chelsea Crew

Nail Polish – China Glaze (Outta Bounds)

Necklace – Neighborhood shop


I’m loving these looks from Jcrew. I am so inspired by the colors, textures, and layers.  Isn’t that rust sweater bangin’!?  Jcrew always come with the goods.

This reminds me, I have some fiery red hot pants that I purchased about 2 years ago, I would love to get them back in the mix this season…hmm.

Do you have any random/unique/vintage pieces that you would like to get back into the mix?

If so, I would love to see how you plan to rock it/them.

Wanted: Inspiration on a pillow

I was fantasizing about pillows like these yesterday, so it tickles me that I stumbled across some today without trying…some might call it law-of-attraction.  Either way, now, I reeeally want some.

I would love to fall asleep and wakeup in the morning to an inspirational quote or passage.

If you really like the ones in this photo you can find them HERE.  I believe the company is Australian, but they ship internationally for a reasonable rate.

What is your favorite quote?


Is wallpaper making a comeback?

I can’t say I was ever fond of it, but I am open to change, especially after finding this company on this blog.  Oh man, this is not your granny’s wallpaper!

Wall & Deco’s designs are inspiring, not too busy, yet bold and elegant.  Their wallpaper looks more like beautiful murals than that over-the-top, icky stuff I remember from back-in-the-day.

What do you think?  Do you like wallpaper?


I am loving these looks by Maje!  OH, MY!

1.  That blazer is to die for!  The cropped sleeves just sets it off, not to mention its sleek, tailored design.  I’m a petite chica and can easily get swallowed up in fabric, so I love the simplicity of this jacket.  I’m also digging the studded collar, it different and gives this whole outfit a perfect touch of edginess without trying too hard.

By the way, my thighs aren’t ready for that beautiful skirt, but it is stupid gorgeous;-P

2.  Killin ’em!  There was a time when I used to hate wearing skirts, shorts or anything that would show off what thought were “stick” legs.  Now I’m realizing that having skinny legs isn’t so bad after all.  I have come to love and embrace them and I want these pants to adorn them with.

*Killin ’em = Flatline. Lord have mercy, this outfit is crazy, bananas, hot.  I love it.