Opening Ceremony…

Now I get it.

I was hanging out at the bookstore the other day (it will be a sad day when that is no longer possible) flipping through a ginormous stack of mags and the name Opening Ceremony KEPT POPPING UP.  From bloggers to celebs to random folk, that name seemed to keep reappearing. Regardless of the type of magazine, I couldn’t escape it, so I made a note in my phone to check out this Opening Ceremony business as soon as I juiced my iPhone or got home.  Nooooooow, I get it!  “Opening Ceremony is a multifaceted environment comprised of retail spaces, showroom, and gallery that establishes a new international creative forum in downtown Manhattan. Opening Ceremony brings together emerging American talent with both young and established designers and artists from abroad. Each year, the unique commercial and cultural character of a visiting city is represented at Opening Ceremony by capturing the essence of the consumer experience.  Opening Ceremony recreates a shopping excursion based on four different perspectives–established designer (designers that best exemplify the country), emerging designer, one of a kind vintage pieces and select items from the open-air markets.”

From what I see on the site so far, it reminds me of the coolest flea market I have never been to and of course now I want to go…and I will…and I will keep you all posted.

Visit them here.

Have you been? Let me know what you think.


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