I was shopping at my local organic market when I ran across this bottled water.  I’m not big on drinking bottle water because, to me, it’s all the same. Glorified tap water?  And really bad for the planet.

Despite what I feel, the pretty  packaging for this bottled water is what caught my eye and made me curious enough to read the label. Turns out, the bottle and all its parts are made from recycled materials, vegetable inks, and is biodegradable (it will break down in 5 years if it isn’t recycled). Super dope!  How cool would it be if all of our packaged products came in biodegradable packaging?

Next time I unable to get tap water I won’t feel bad if I reach for this one to quench my thirst.

Google, Translate!

Google Translate rocks!  A funny thing happened to me today, I befriended the wrong Sophia on Facebook, oops!  However, I thought I should hello anyway. She accepted my request, so I could at least send a friendly, “hi”, right?  I don’t speak French, but with Google Translate that is ok! 😉 Plus, why not make a new friend?  Vive la France!

Monarchs make a comeback!

Photo By: Chrisser @Flicker

I saw such a great story on the beautiful Monarch today on PBS and was so happy to learn that they’re making a comeback. Their numbers were down by a scary 75% last year!   Thanks to the government of Mexico seriously cracking down on illegal logging, (good weather and abundant milkweed growth in America were also big factors) these beautiful creatures will be a lot more abundant this year and our Spring will be even prettier

I don’t get to see many butterflies living here in the big city (NYC), but it warms my heart to know these colorful, gorgeous creatures are thriving and multiplying.  Butterflies officially make it Spring for me and I can’t help but smile 😉

House and Home


This is my first entry and I’m so excited to be sharing with everyone.  I’ve been so inspired by photos, blogs and everyday life that I can no longer hold it in.  I must put all of these wonderful feelings, photos, and excitement out into the world.  Some posts will be short and sweet and some will long and descriptive.  Either way, thank you for visiting!

For my first post, yay! I want to share  my new found love of House and Home magazine.  I discovered this magazine earlier this month while perusing the magazine section at Barnes and Noble. I don’t know how long it has been available for sale, but I’m surprised I hadn’t noticed it sooner. I was so drawn in by the beautiful cover that I had to purchase it.  The pages that followed lived up to the beauty of the cover and I’m so happy it wasn’t a just a magazine filled with advertisements and no real content.  It has been such a long time since I’ve wanted to slowly devour a magazine page by page and be taken in by the layout, colors, photographs, writing, etc.  Yes, it gets that deep for me 😉  It kinda reminds me of Domino… I’m so happy I found it.

House and Home is simple and very beautifully put together.  One of the stories that stood out the most to me was about a family in Vancouver that runs, Le Marche St. George, an artsy, organic general store on the ground floor of their apartment building. They sell coffee, baked goods, beautiful pieces collected from around the world, and their own pottery. How cool is that?

The April addition is now available and it looks like it’s living up to March’s awesomeness. I’m looking forward to reading it and I’m seriously contemplating a subscription.